Mission and statutory aims

 The mission of the Grey House Foundation is to work to disseminate, protect and restore cultural assets, in particular sites located in the territory of the Republic of Poland, and to create a space for interaction with art and for promotion of artistic undertakings of the highest calibre.

The foundation supports cultural and artistic achievements of individuals, organisations and local communities that aim to improve the meaning and quality of human life through art, at the private, community and global levels.
The foundation pursues its objectives by:
  • financing projects of significance for revalorisation of historical and cultural tissue, including scientific research and implementation of its findings, as well as cultural projects connected with preservation and restoration of historical monuments
  • financing projects designed to disseminate culture, in particular exhibitions, demonstrations, talks, lectures, and publishing (albums and other publications)
  • promoting, supporting and financing all kinds of projects connected with preservation of the historical and cultural tissue of the Republic of Poland
  • promoting and supporting culture, in particular by helping with, participating in and organising all kinds of projects designed to spread culture
  • promoting revalorisation and preservation of historical tissue in Poland and abroad, in particular relating to Polish monuments.
  • awarding domestic and foreign grants to people whose work would help to promote revalorisation and preservation of historical tissue and to develop and spread culture, in particular to talented artists
  • awarding prizes for achievement in the area of revalorisation of historical tissue, or of a universal significance, including in the field of culture, and in particular literature, the fine arts and music.

The foundation cooperates with the relevant bodies of authority and administration, community organisations, associations, and other legal entities and individuals both in Poland and abroad, in the pursuit of these aims.