About us
NEW Szara Kamienica gallery opening hours
Tuesday to Friday:         1.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Saturday  and Sunday: 12.00 am - 4.00 pm
The Grey House is more than just a reservoir of “big history” within reach – it is also a venue for meetings, discussions and exchanges of views.
In our quest to meet the challenges that our “post-modern” times present each of us with, and to create a space for interdisciplinary artistic development, and at the same time keen to offer active support for the cultural and civilisational development of Krakow, we hope to cooperate with artists and researchers to offer them an extensive, comprehensive spectrum of assistance. 
We do not make our selections based on specific artistic disciplines; we are open to all worthwhile ideas.
Our objectives are: 
  • to offer support to high-quality artistic, cultural and research initiatives through grant programmes, organising competitions, and funding prizes
  • to support talent
  • to offer artistic education
  • to promote unconventional ideas focused on seeking new forms of artistic expression and new ways of bringing art into society
  • to generate and support a creative society-focused and cultural movement in local communities
  • to be active in publishing
  • to run an exhibition gallery awarding prizes for achievement in the area of revalorisation of historical tissue, or of a universal significance, including in the field of culture, and in particular literature, the fine arts and music.
The foundation cooperates with the relevant bodies of authority and administration, community organisations, associations, and other legal entities and individuals both in Poland and abroad, in the pursuit of these aims. 
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